Happy 60th

October 24, 2005, is the 60th birthday of the United Nations. I got to visit the UN for the first time two weeks ago on a long weekend on the east coast and was very moved by the displays and the tour we took, (especially after I had just just gotten a look inside the UN by seeing “The Interpreter,” which I also really enjoyed). There is a photo display from Sudan in the foyer, and a really fun panel on the MDG’s comparing wealth and health across different countries. I also got inspired by a display called “Chasing the Dream,” that tells the stories of youth around the globe who are being impacted by the issues of the MDG’s and how addressing those goals are changing their lives. Each goal has one person, from a toddler to a twenty-two year old, who you can read a short personal history on and see how in his/her country, life is being impacted by the issue. It was very practical and very hopeful for me to see real people, especially future generations, being brought in fuller health and life through the targets that are being met on the MDG’s. The website is also really powerful and informative – take a look.

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