A New, New Year’s Resolution

As 2007 creeps closer, I’ve had little time to think about the impending encouragement to make New Year’s Resolutions. My friend Jed sent along a blog post that tackled this topic in a refreshing way that inspired me – so I thought I’d pass it along. I think it’s a good reminder that our own strivings are so limited, right along with the truth that our choice of perspective can mean more than reality at times.    

So here is an excerpt from the full article

“A good way to start clearing up the problems in your life this New Year is by throwing away all your old, wrongheaded beliefs and assumptions. Many of them will be plain wrong; others will be long out of date. Most people carry around a heavy load of such mistaken beliefs about the world, themselves and others: beliefs that stir up negative emotions and behaviors; assumptions that cause deficit thinking; and a host of other habitual ways of seeing the world that are virtually guaranteed to limit their achievements and cause them unnecessary suffering.”

One Thought on “A New, New Year’s Resolution

  1. Thanks for linking that article–it was an interesting read. I found myself alternately rolling my eyes and writing down statements that I want to remember.

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