Building Community – and shameless blog plugs

You may or may not have noticed that there are several new additions to my blogroll recently. I thought it was worth a brief pause to point out a few of the newest additions to my ‘online community’ as potential resources/sites for others to enjoy.

Friends with ‘Educational’ Sites: 

On the Count of Three – this site started by some friends is an attempt to help loosely guide an online community of readers to read through the NT and share reflections with others. Open to anyone  who wants to read – you’re encouraged to do this in partnership with someone.  (I am starting the reading assignment – sometime – soon.) 

Beauty and Depravity (Eugene Cho) – this blog, written by an ECC pastor of an emerging congregation in Seattle, covers topics as wide and as deep as racism, spiritual growth, and economics 

GodSpace (Christine Sine) – this site is by published author and co-founder of Mustard Seed Associates; she usually covers topics related to community, sbabath, life rhythms/balance, and often includes prayers and liturgical reflections

Little Sacred Space (Erin Raffety) – this blog is by a Princeton Seminarian (and good friend o’ mine) – she covers a gammit of toipics with thoughtfulness and provids new information on the books she’s reading, lectures, spritual reflections, and favorite movies.

Peter’s Books – (Peter VerHage) my own husband’s list of reads; he reads a LOT of books, mostly fiction, and is cataloguing them here along with brief sumamries and his reflections. 

By The River (Carleton Peterson) – this is the coaching info site for a somewhat retired, somewhat super active ECC minister who brings his wealth of background to the task of dialoguing and encouraging others through personal coaching

Of Academic/Pastoral Interest:

Text Week – deep and diverse resource for lectionary reflections, sermons 

Ex Auditu – online information about the North Park Seminary journal for biblical theology

 Ministries you should check out:

ECC Worship blog

Creation Care 

The Enterprising Kitchen

Water 1st

Bridges of Hope

Friends with blogs I’ve recently discovered: 

Apron Strings, Tricia Cisneros, Peterson’s Place

Great friends with cute kids:

Spike Danielson (brand new life not yet in the world!), 3 Tyrells, Life with The Verdoorns, Tara Dutcher Family

2 Thoughts on “Building Community – and shameless blog plugs

  1. thanks for the shout-out! i think you’re pretty swell, too. 😉

  2. Stacy on 2007/06/21 at 2:25 PM said:

    Hey we got a plug in there! Thanks!

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