Prosaics – Seeing the Everyday

Another great online find was passed on to my from Vicky (thanks!) Here are two quotes from the blog, but its the magazine that looks really inviting… “Seeing the Everyday” is all about noticing the ordinary and small things that make up life. Check out the magazine to see amazing layout and inspiring content!

“Cloaked in their very ordinariness, the prosaic events that truly shape our lives–escape our notice . . . . The infinitely numerous and apparently inconsequential ordinary ones, which taken together, are far more effective and significant.” – Gary Saul Morson

“[Home] is the center from which we define and understand the nature of everything we encounter in the world.

The home . . . is not one thing among many in a world of things; nor is it merely the product of a culture. Rather, the world of things derives its sense, and a culture its significance, from their relationship to the home. Without the home, everything else in the world or in a culture is meaningless.”
– David Patterson

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