How to Change On/With Purpose

One of my goals this summer is to update my blog a bit and rethink how this space might be best used by me during this season of life. I am playing around with themes and how the space graphically looks; but what I am really playing around with in my mind is the interior, organizing, purposeful aspects of this space. Why I started this in the first place. How it has served me well in the past. What I’d like to try that is new in the future….

Also, this September marks five years of this blog! I remember when I started this blog – as a place to help me integrate my academic world and my ministry pursuits, my friends and mentors from afar, my discombobulated thoughts and my best articulations… A place for me to focus, to think and reflect on life, and theology, and all the places that these two realities exist in my world. It was also started as a place for me to write, to practice a discipline, to explore a hobby, and to try to corner a niche for trying out my thoughts around words and ideas. I often know more what I think and feel after I write it down. Weird to many, I know.

In some ways, I have the exact same hope and need for this online space as when I started it; in other ways, I feel like there are so many directions that my work to corner off a space to writing could go that I want to think about it more. Reflect a little on how to purposefully write more, reflect more, pray and read and integrate and talk to others and then write more again. Integration has always been a thing for me… I think this blog will always be prized by me primarly for its ability to capture a slice of that elusive aim – integration.

While (as I’ve said), this is often a space for me to write, reflect and integrate – if you as the reader have ideas for how you’ve used your own (or someone else’s blog) in the most rewarding way, or other thoughts related to this goal of purposeful change, I am all ears. 🙂

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