“The life that billows forth…”

Go to [the Bible] with an eye only for error and contradiction, grammatical anomalies, historical errors, mistaken data and numbers, and the Bible is big enough for a scholarship only of those things. But go to it with an eye for the life that billows forth in mighty waves in the water course, burst here and there, and you will be rewarded infinitely more. The Bible is a world that should be studied with a telescope rather than a microscope. What a loss it would be to study the stars or the northern lights with a magnifying glass.

– David Nyvall, North Park’s first President, addressing Covenant pastors in 1898

4 Thoughts on ““The life that billows forth…”

  1. That is such a great reminder, especially for those of us in Bible studies and small groups (and even more especially when we’re discussing controversial issues in very specific passages!!!)

  2. Thanks for this. Where is the quote from? Are you enjoying Nyvall for any specific reason?


  3. I loooove this! This needs to be my morning prayer before I spend time in the word! Thanks for sharing, and I really like your blog!!

    Micah 6:8

  4. Luke B on 2010/11/17 at 5:22 PM said:

    Great quote

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