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Welcome to Living Theology, a blog intended to encourage reflection, relationship, and action.

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Living is what we do every day, in and out, without a break to stop and refresh the page, or the ability to redo the decisions we’ve made. Theology is the study of and passion for God, a restless wondering at the meaning of it all and the foundations for being, for living. For me, despair and hope, questions and life, meaning and friendships, suffering and joy – have always collided in theology – this drive toward “faith seeking understanding.”

This began as a space for me as the author to organize and integrate various aspects of my life that sometimes seem disparate and fractured, while actively engaging my whole mind, heart, body, and soul and remembering my call to live and to do theology. Sometimes I feel unable to do or to decide – unclaimed as I navigate my passions and questions. But my story, although it has just begun to spin itself out, is not as much about being able to do, as it is living into who I have already been created to be.

Authentic theology is living and active, based on thought, done in community, and resulting in a life that somehow looks different. Abundant life is theological, because the mess and the glory all have purpose, reality is embodied and integrated, and God’s desire for us is to answer our longing in the everyday, the questions, the relationships.

I hope that this exercise in thought and collection of resources will move you and I both to deeper living and better theology. Welcome.

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