Hunger for Justice and Katrina

My friend and work colleague, Holly, has a great recent post on her blog about race, class, and poverty being exposed by the wake Katrina left. Visit her site at to read this entry, and for her ongoing thoughtful comments on current news, justice, hunger, and incarnating faith. Thanks Hols!

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Welcome to my blog…

Hi all – I’ve entered the world of online blogging! (woo hoo) So far I have some info posted in the “about” pages explaining why I’ve started this exercise and a little about me; the format and such will still be in process for some time I am sure. I’ll be reflecting on how multiple facts of life affect theology and living it out, and how what I learn and think about theology affects life. That’s right – almost any issue “fits” this topic. It feels so appropriate to start a new place for dialogue and community and action like this as fall begins – my internal clock is so wired to the school calendar and the natural rhythms it provides. Fall is a time to start new things, renew old things, remember, reclaim….

Also, if you have blog or site I could link to, please let me know. I’m looking forward to reflecting on how to live theology in this space – and learning from you about how you live faith out as well! Peace to you as this week and the autumn season starts up.

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