Abby is an Activist

Here is an article about being an “activist” from my friend and colleague, Abby Jansen. It’s a fabulous personal reflection on vocation, theology, and integrating it all through activism!

“The Beloved Community”

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Race and Peace Prayers Site

Please read today’s great entry on this blog – she’s a friend of a friend I recently “met” online. Her entry deals with race and poverty after Katrina, and she has a great two-screen summary of the history of affirmative action that has propped up our country and benefitted majority races to balance the conversation. To top it off, after pain and righteous anger over stereotypes and racism in the reflection, the conclusion is a prayer for humility and peace. It’s beautiful – thanks Lisa!

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Hunger for Justice and Katrina

My friend and work colleague, Holly, has a great recent post on her blog about race, class, and poverty being exposed by the wake Katrina left. Visit her site at to read this entry, and for her ongoing thoughtful comments on current news, justice, hunger, and incarnating faith. Thanks Hols!

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