2010 – aka, the Year of Intentional Living

The new year always provides a natural place to stop and asses life a bit, and I’ve already been motivated by the sunny (although freezing!) weather, some great music mixes and Eva taking a nice long nap to write down and reflect on a lot of topics today. One of my goals for this year is to blog more again here (and also to update and reorganize the look of this space), as well as reconnect with current blogs/sites of interest that I used to be more actively in tune with. I hope that it will increase my communication and awareness of other’s work, as well as up my motivation and my own internal organization of ideas/thoughts. So here goes…  

One of my fundamental resolutions for this coming year is to be more intentional. This has long been a high value for our family, but (not very surprisingly) it’s taken on new meaning lately after having a kiddo and being in the middle of a lot of transition and waiting (for job options, housing options, etc.)  In light of this, these are my general thoughts about 2010 that I’ve journaled and want to remember. There is a lot that is not on this list – but there is also a focus and framework here that I hope will shape the future a bit. Anyone else have wisdom on how to live with intention and balance being in the present with working toward change in the future?   

2010 Goals: Live Intentionally  

  1. Be more kind to myself, more honest with myself, and take better care of myself (esp. my health)
  2. Have more fun; be around people who help me do that (prioritize reconnecting with those friends/fam)
  3. Live in the present… (enjoy time with Eva, enjoy small stuff with Peter, active again in music, etc.)
  4. … and work for movement and change in the future (short and long term life organizing, job hunt more seriously)  
  5. Deepen my spiritual habits and work at listening (including see a spiritual director)   
  6. Write more and reflect more (blog, journal)
  7. Grow professionally in leadership, teaching, and publish something (articles, portion of dissertation, etc?)
  8. Finish my PhD (seriously, this is ridiculous)
  9. Be active in things I care about now (guest preach, racial reconciliation events, justice project work, etc.)  
  10. Live out of who I am, who God calls me to be, and take time to know who that is (not reacting, not judging, not trying to catch up to what a mom/woman/pastor/justice person is supposed to be according to ___ standards)